Butler AquaBears Swim Team

by Carol Hayes, AquaBears Public Relations Representative

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Butler’s AquaBears swim team got the 2010 season off to rocky start Saturday vs. the Woodson Sharks of Raytown. The Butler team lost two practice opportunities of the week to thunderstorms, and between low signups and absences due to vacation and illness, put only 30 swimmers in the water to fend off the Shark attack.

WLH0046With four more dual meets and the championship finals ahead, the team is accepting late signups.

Kenna Schrock, just home from visiting her uncle stationed in Germany, was the top point-earner for the AquaBears, with 1st place in breaststroke and 2nd in both freestyle and butterfly in the 9-10 girls’ division. Close behind in the 9-10 boys’ division was Jacob Shipley, with 1st in freestyle and 2nd in breaststroke.

Also earning blue ribbons for Butler were Makenna Stephens (8-and-under girls breaststroke) and Draden Davis (11-12 boys butterfly). Johnna Spencer (13-14 girls) celebrated her birthday with a 2nd in the 200-m. individual medley and a 3rd in freestyle.

Only five Butler boys, spread across four age divisions, swam, leaving the AquaBears without a single boys relay team. However, each boy earned at least one ribbon and four contributed individual points. In addition to Shipley and Davis, James Simms (15-and-up), returning after a year off, scored with 2nd in backstroke and 3rd in breaststroke, while Mason Hayes (11-12) tallied 2nd in backstroke.

Girls fielded a number of relay teams, but none finished first for points. Rounding out Butler’s individual points for the day were:

• 2nd place finishes for Mary Raab (13-14 freestyle) and first-year swimmer Kayla Wainscott (9-10 breaststroke)

• 3rd place finishes for Tarin Schrock (9-10 freestyle); Shannen McCoy (15-and-up butterfly); Katie Henry (13-14 breaststroke); Mady Koehn (11-12 individual medley); and backstrokers Kylee Eidson (8-and-under) and Jadan Rolph (9-10).

Head coach for the AquaBears is Ashley Capling, and Butler swim team veteran Will Beshore is assistant coach for the 2010 season.

Complete Results:

8-and-under Girls –Freestyle: K. Eidson, 5th. Breaststroke: M. Stephens, 1st. Backstroke: K. Eidson, 3rd; M. Stephens, 4th; Morgan Van Gordon, 6th. Free relay: 2nd (Ainsley Vandenburg, Jakaila Rolph, Emily Lesmeister, Makenna Stephens)

8-and-under Boys – Freestyle: Jagur Eidson, 5th.

9-10 Girls – Freestyle: K. Schrock, 2nd; T. Schrock, 3rd, Jadan Rolph, 5th. Butterfly: K. Schrock, 2nd. Breaststroke: K. Schrock, 1st; K. Wainscott, 2nd; T. Schrock, 4th. Backstroke: J. Rolph, 3rd; Emma Van Gordon, 5th. Free relay: 3rd (K. Eidson, T. Schrock, K. Wainscott, Ciara Hill).

9-10 Boys – Freestyle: J. Shipley, 1st. Breaststroke: J. Shipley, 2nd.

11-12 Girls –Freestyle: M. Koehn, 5th. Butterfly: M. Koehn, 5th. Breaststroke: Keegan Lawrence, 4th. Backstroke, K. Lawrence, 4th. 200 IM: M. Koehn, 3rd. Freestyle relay: 3rd (J. Rolph, E. Van Gordon, K. Lawrence, K. Schrock).

11-12 Boys – Freestyle: D. Davis, 4th; M. Hayes, 5th. Butterfly: D. Davis, 1st; M. Hayes, 5th. Backstroke: M. Hayes, 2nd; D. Davis, 5th.

13-14 Girls – Medley Relay: 2nd (M. Koehn, Erin Lesmeister, J. Spencer, K. Henry). Freestyle: M. Raab, 2nd; J. Spencer, 4th; K. Henry, 6th. Butterfly: E. Lesmeister, 4th. Breaststroke: K. Henry, 3rd; E. Lesmeister, 4th; M. Raab, 5th. Backstroke: E. Lesmeister, 5th. 200 IM: J. Spencer, 2nd. Free relay: 2nd (K. Henry, M. Raab, E. Lesmeister, M. Raab). (No 13-14 boys entered.)

15-and-up Girls – Medley relay: 2nd (Chelsey Lane, S. McCoy, T. Foote, M. Raab). Freestyle: T. Foote, 5th. Butterfly, S. McCoy, 3rd. Breaststroke: T. Foote, 4th; C. Lane, 5th; S. McCoy, 6th. Backstroke: C. Lane, 5th. Free relay: 2nd (J. Spencer, C. Lane, S. McCoy, T. Foote).

15-and-up Boys – Freestyle: J. Simms, 4th. Breaststroke: J. Simms, 3rd. Backstroke: J. Simms, 2nd.

AquaBears no match for Sharks