Butler AquaBears Swim Team

Young swimmers lead at Harrisonville

by Carol Hayes, AquaBears Public Relations Representative

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Swimmers 12 and under accounted for all but two of Butler's 44 points in Saturday's swim meet at Harrisonville. Facing a team with more swimmers ages 13 and up – including many year-round competitors – than the whole AquaBears K-12 roster, Butler's older swimmers had a tough time cracking the top three despite some excellent swims and personal best times.

WLH0193 The AquaBears will be back at the Butler Aquatic Center at 8 a.m. Saturday, June 26, hosting the Louisburg Barracudas.

The dynamic duo of Mason Hayes and Draden Davis tallied 18 points in the 11-12-year-old boys' division, with Hayes taking first in freestyle and backstroke and third in butterfly, and Davis finishing second in freestyle and fly and third in backstroke. The freestyle race was a dead heat, with Hayes winning by only 7-hundredths of a second.

Jadan Rolph won the only other individual blue ribbon for the AquaBears, taking first in the 9-10 girls backstroke, and adding more points with second place in freestyle.

Ainsley Vandenburg, Makenna Stephens, Morgan Van Gordon and Emily Lesmeister brought home the only relay points, with first place in the 8-and-under girls' medley relay. Stephens also placed third in her individual backstroke.

The Schrock sisters each earned a red ribbon for second place in the 9-10 girls' division, Tarin in butterfly and Kenna in backstroke.

The Blevins sisters, swimming in their first meet of the season, also scored points, with Courtney taking third in the 11-12 freestyle, breaststroke and 200-meter individual medley, and Gabby taking third in butterfly in the 13-14 age group.

Jacob Shipley scored with third place in his first 9-10 boys' 100-meter individual medley. Chelsey Lane took third in 15-and-over girls' backstroke.

Complete results

(races are 50 meters unless otherwise noted):

8-and-under Girls: 100-m. medley relay –  (A. Vandenburg, M. Stephens, M. Van Gordon, E.  Lesmeister), 1st. 25-m .freestyle – M. Stephens, 4th; M. Van Gordon, 5th; E. Lesmeister, 6th. 25-m. backstroke – M. Stephens, 3rd; A. Vandenburg, 4th; Jakaila Rolph, 5th; E. Lesmeister, 6th. 100-m. free relay – E. Lesmeister; M. Stephens; A. Vandenburg; M. Van Gordon.

9-10 Girls: Freestyle – Jadan Rolph, 2nd; T. Schrock, 4th; K. Schrock, 6th. Fly – T. Schrock, 2nd. Breaststroke – K. Schrock, 2nd; Kayla Wainscott, 4th. Backstroke – J. Rolph, 1st.

9-10 Boys: Freestyle – J. Shipley, 4th. Breaststroke – J. Shipley, 5th. 100-m. individual medley (IM) – J. Shipley, 3rd.

11-12 Girls: Freestyle – C. Blevins, 3rd; Mady Koehn, 4th. Breaststroke – C. Blevins, 3rd; Keegan Lawrence, 4th. Backstroke – K. Lawrence, 5th. 200-m. IM – C. Blevins, 3rd; M. Koehn, 4th. 200-m. free relay – (T. Schrock, K. Schrock, K. Lawrence, Jadan Rolph), 3rd.

11-12 Boys: 200-m. medley relay – (M. Hayes, J. Shipley, D. Davis, Drake Stephens), 2nd. Freestyle – M. Hayes, 1st; D. Davis, 2nd. Butterfly – D. Davis, 2nd; M. Hayes, 3rd. Backstroke – M. Hayes, 1st. 200-m. free relay – (D. Davis, D. Stephens, M. Hayes, J. Shipley), 2nd.

13-14 Girls: 200-m. medley relay – (Taletha Barger, Katie Henry, Johnna Spencer, G. Blevins), 2nd; (Arielle Coleman, Erin Lesmeister, M. Koehn, C. Blevins), 3rd. Freestyle – Mary Raab, 4th; T. Barger, 6th. Butterfly – G. Blevins, 3rd; J. Spencer, 4th; E. Lesmeister, 5th. Breaststroke – K. Henry, 4th; M. Raab, 5th; G. Blevins, 6th. 200-m. free relay – (M. Koehn, A. Coleman, T. Barger, J. Spencer), 2nd; (K. Henry, E. Lesmeister, G. Blevins, C. Blevins), 3rd.

15-and-over Girls: 200-m. medley relay – (C. Lane, Tabitha Foote, Shannen McCoy, M. Raab), 2nd. Freestyle – T. Foote, 6th. Butterfly – S. McCoy, 4th. Breaststroke – T. Foote, 6th. Backstroke – C. Lane, 3rd. 200-m. free relay – (S. McCoy, C. Lane, M. Raab, T. Foote), 3rd.