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Butler Torpedoes Swim Team

Torpedoes can't sink AquaCats

As the saying goes, there's strength in numbers, but as the Butler Torpedoes are finding early in the 2009 South Suburban League season, the lack of numbers is a big disadvantage. The Torpedoes opened the season on Saturday, June 13, 2009 by hosting the perennial league champion Harrisonville AquaCats, and the visitors proved they would again be a force to be reconned with this year, as they easily defeated the Torpedoes by a 460-51 count.

There were bright spots for the Torpedoes though as Sage Schrock picked up a first place ribbon in the Freestyle, a second place ribbon in the Breaststroke and a third place ribbon in the backstroke, all in the Boys 8 & Under Division. Hannah Campbell swam strong in the Girls 15 and Over Division, placing fourth in the Freestyle, third in the Butterfly and third in the Breaststroke. Mason Hayes picked up a first place in the Freestyle, a third place in the Butterfly and a first place in the Backstroke in the Boys 9-10 year old division.

Other Torpedo swimmers scoring points in the event were Jayde Eidson, third girls 8 & Under Freestyle; Courtney Blevins, third, girls 9-10 Freestyle; Draden Davis, second, boys 9-10 Freestyle; Taletha Barger, second and Mady Koehn third, girls 11-12 Freestyle; Brittany Laughlin, third, girls 9-10 Butterfly; Drayden Davis, second, boys 9-10 Butterfly; Catherine Henry first and Erin Lesmeister second, girls 11-12 Breaststroke; Taletha Foote, third, girls 13-14 Breaststroke; Johnna Spencer, third girls 11-12 Backstroke; Courtney Blevins, third, girls 9-10 Individual Medley; and Johnna Spencer, second and Mady Koehn, third, girls 11-12 Individual Medley.

The Torpedoes hit the water again Saturday, June 20, 2009 against the Louisburg Barracudas.

Barracudas swim away from Torpedoes

The Butler Torpedoes found little respite in the second week of South Suburban Swim League competition as they took on rising league power the Louisburg Barracudas on Saturday, June 20, 2009.

The Barracudas may have the most swimmers in the league, and throw a cast of swimmers in the 10 and Under age groups that simply swamp event the best of teams. The Torpedoes were completely overwhelmed by wave after wave of Barracudas as they fell for the second straight week to another of the power teams of the league.

The Torpedoes were not without some impressive performances though, as Mason Hayes picked up a first place in the boys 9-10 year old 50 meter backstroke and a second place in the 50 meter butterfly. Shannen McCoy took a first in the girls 11-12 year old 50 meter butterfly, as did Hannah Campbell in the girls 15 and Over 50 meter breast stroke.

Sage Schrock picked up two ribbons, a first place in the Girls 8 & Under 25 meter freestyle, and a second in the 25 meter breaststroke.

The Torpedoes host the Golden Valley Dolphins from Clinton on Saturday, June 27.

The Butler Torpedoes had been running the South Surburban Swim League's gauntlet to open the season. With meets against perennial league powerhouse Harrisonville, and the biggest team in the league, Louisburg, the Torpedoes could look at the schedule and see a fish more their own size as they took on the Golden Valley (Clinton) Dolphins at home on Saturday, June 27, 2009. While the home team came up on the short end of a 273-144 overall point count, they could point to a number of first place ribbons and good swims to pace them into the second half of the summer season.

SSSLButlerLogo1 Courtney Blevins picked up three ribbons for the Torpedoes, placing first, second and third in the Girls 9-10 year old division in the 50 Fly, 50 Free and 100 IM respectively. Mason Hayes turned in a hat trick, finishing with three first place ribbons in the Boys 9-10 year old division in the 50 Free, Fly and Back. Hannah Campbell swimming in Girls 15 and Over also turned in a triple first place finish with top places in the 50 Free, Fly and Breast.

Other first place finishers for the Torpedoes included; Sage Schrock in the girls 8 & Under 25 meter freestyle; Johnna Spencer in the girls 11-12 year old 50 meter butterfly; Jade Eidson in the girls 8 & Under 25 meter backstroke; Kylie Hopkins in the girls 9-10 year old 50 mter backstroke; Taletha Barger in the girls 11-12 year old 50 meter backstroke; Jesse Donovan in the boys 13-14 year old 50 meter backstroke; as well as the Torpedoes girls 8 & Under 100 meter Medley Relay and Free Relay teams, the girls 11-12 year old Medley Relay and Free Relay teams, and the girls 15 and over Free Relay team.

The Torpedos take July 4th off with the rest of the league teams and return to action on Saturday, July 11 as they square off against the Paola Piranhas.

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Torpedoes can't quite catch Dolphins

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