Trojans pressure cooks Osage City

This one was not a work of art, It wouldn’t win an Oscar, or just about any other award for that matter, but when the dust had settled, the Osawatomie Trojan boys basketball team had out pressed, out ran, out gunned and out just about everything else to the Osage City Indians in semi-final action of the Ike Cearfoss Boys Invitational Basketball tournament held in Osawatomie on Thursday, December 10, 2009.

WLH0588 The Trojans and Indians battled and bludgeoned each other up and down the court, but in the end, it was way too much speed, strength and quickness on the Trojans part, as they came away with a 22 point, 66-44 victory.

But, it wasn’t pretty, as both teams seemed content to just rare back and let the other squad have it, and it was a good thing each squad was deep, as fouls were handed out with abandon in the contest.

The two teams battled through the first half of the first quarter, and the Trojans held a slim two point lead at 8-6 and then a one point advantage at 10-9 before the Trojan press began to take its toll on the Indians. From that point Dustin Kueser got things started wit a field goal and then added a breakaway basket off a steal, which was followed closely by a nearly identical basket by Tyler Wright and in a matter of minutes, the lead had jumped to seven at 16-9. Kueser hit another two pointer following a free throw by Osage City’s Landon Heward to make the score 18-10, but the Indians were not quite finished, as Richard Woodward nailed a three pointer at the buzzer to make the first quarter score 18-13.

The second quarter was more of the same, with the Trojans going on a series of small runs, slowly building the lead and when Dylon Needham hit a jumper a little over halfway through the second quarter, the Trojan lead had grown to double digits at 30-19. Daine Needham added a field goal and James Schweiger hit the first of two free throw attempts to make the halftime score 32-20. Although the Trojans were comfortably ahead on the score board, the frantic pace of the game left one to wonder if they were truly in command of the game on the floor.

Coming out of the intermission, the Trojans and Indians continued to pressure each other all over the floor, and the Osawatomie pressure defense began to prove superior to the Indians as well. The Trojan quickness began wearing Osage City down, and on the strength of six points from Brendan Soucie and a three point basket by Tyler Wright the Trojans added three more points to the lead, and at the end of three quarters, the Osawatomie lead had grown to 15 points at 48-33.

Any doubt that might have been left in the building was dispelled early in the final period, as Seth Jones hit a field goal to bump the lead to 17 points at 50-33, and then, following Jones’ fourth personal foul, Preston Conner calmly missed three free throw attempts and for all practical purposes Osage City was out of the game.

The Trojans pushed the lead to 23 points at one juncture, leading 62-39 late in the game, before settling for the 22 point, 66-44 victory.

WLH0542 Soucie led the Trojans in scoring with seven field goals and two of two from the line for 16 points. Jones added 12 points and Daine Needham added 11 points to round out the Trojans in double figures. As a team, the Trojans hit 27 field goals, one three pointer and nine of 16 from the free throw line.

The Indians were paced by Richard Woodward with 16 points on one field goal, three three pointers and five of seven from the free throw line. C.J. Marple added 11 points to round out the Osage City players in double figures. The Indians hit just 10 field goals, three three point baskets and were just 15 of 29 from the line.

The Trojans will take on Spring Hill on Saturday, December 12, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. for the tournament championship. The game will be played at Central Heights. Osage City will take on Central Heights at 4:00 p.m. for third place.

Osawatomie will host Paola on Tuesday, December 15, in their final action before the holiday break.